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SlideWiki: Authoring platform for OpenCourseWare

SlideWiki Badges Are Here: Get Recognized!

SlideWiki aims to revolutionize the way how educational material is authored, shared and used.

Learning happens everywhere. However it is often difficult to be recognized for skills and achievements that are gained outside of school. Open Badges for SlideWiki project is working to solve that problem by making it easy for anyone anywhere to earn, and display badges in the SlideWiki. Badges are a special or distinctive mark, token, or device worn as a sign of allegiance, membership, authority, achievement, etc. The result will be broad recognition of the skills and the experiences.

Badges are not assessments ..!!

Badges are the thing you get after you have learned something and successfully demonstrated learning through an assessment. The assessments are incredibly important because they are the evidence or meat behind the badges.
Quiz Champion

Skill badge for scoring 100% in an assessment.
Basic Translator

Skill badge for translating atleast 50 slides.
Intermediate Translator

Skill badge for translating atleast 100 slides.
Advanced Translator

Skill badge for translating more than 100 slides.