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Data Models, Access & Integration

Data Integration Enterprise Information Integration
sets of heterogeneous data sources appear as a single, homogeneous data source
Data Warehousing
  • Based on extract, transform load (ETL)
  • Global-As-View (GAV)
  • Mediators
  • Ontology-based
  • P2P
  • Web service-based
Data Web
  • URIs as entity identifiers
  • HTTP as data access protocol
  • Local-As-View (LAV)
Data Access Object relational mappings (ORM)
  • NeXT’s EOF / WebObjects
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Hibernate
Procedural APIs
  • ODBC
  • JDBC
Query Languages
  • Datalog, SQL
  • XPath/XQuery
Linked Data
  • de-referenceable URIs
  • RDF serialization
Data Models   RDBMS
  • organize data in relations, rows, cells
  • Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL

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