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The SlideWiki OpenCourseWare campaign is performed in two phases:

  1. Application phase till June 15 - you submit an example lecture
    • the example lecture should comprise the outline of your whole lecture series
    • the lecture should be either your original work or you should provide proof from the original author permiting licensing of the content under CC-BY-SA
    • your example lecture will be reviewed by SlideWiki team and domain experts
    • once your example lecture is positively evaluated you can proceed creating your full lecture
  2. Content creation phase till September 15 - you develop your full lecture
    • your full OpenCourseWare lecture series should comprise at least 5 lectures (including your example lecture from the application phase)
    • each of the five lectures should contain at least 25 slides and 15 questions
    • the newly created lectures should be of similar quality as your example lecture

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