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Efficient Processing OLAP Queries

  • Determine which operations should be performed on the available cuboids
    • Transform drill, roll, etc. into corresponding SQL and/or OLAP operations, e.g., dice = selection + projection
  • Determine which materialized cuboid(s) should be selected for OLAP op.
    • Let the query to be processed be on {brand, province_or_state} with the condition “year = 2004”, and there are 4 materialized cuboids available:
      • 1) {year, item_name, city}
      • 2) {year, brand, country}
      • 3) {year, brand, province_or_state}
      • 4) {item_name, province_or_state} where year = 2004
      • Which should be selected to process the query?
  • Explore indexing structures and compressed vs. dense array structs in MOLAP

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