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Candidate Generation: An SQL Implementation

  • SQL Implementation of candidate generation
    • Suppose the items in L(k-1) are listed in an order
    • Step 1: self-joining L(k-1)
      insert into Ck
      select p.item1, p.item2, …, p.item(k-1), q.item(k-1)
      from L(k-1) p, L(k-1) q
      where p.item1=q.item1, …, p.item(k-2)=q.item(k-2), p.item(k-1) < q.item(k-1)
    • Step 2: pruning
      forall itemsets c in Ck do
              forall (k-1)-subsets s of c do
                   if (s is not in L(k-1)) then delete c from Ck
  • Use object-relational extensions like UDFs, BLOBs, and Table functions for efficient implementation [S. Sarawagi, S. Thomas, and R. Agrawal. Integrating association rule mining with relational database systems: Alternatives and implications. SIGMOD’98]

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