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Extension of Pattern Growth Mining Methodology

  • Mining closed frequent itemsets and max-patterns
    • CLOSET (DMKD’00), FPclose, and FPMax (Grahne & Zhu, Fimi’03)
  • Mining sequential patterns
    • PrefixSpan (ICDE’01), CloSpan (SDM’03), BIDE (ICDE’04)
  • Mining graph patterns
    • gSpan (ICDM’02), CloseGraph (KDD’03)
  • Constraint-based mining of frequent patterns
    • Convertible constraints (ICDE’01), gPrune (PAKDD’03)
  • Computing iceberg data cubes with complex measures
    • H-tree, H-cubing, and Star-cubing (SIGMOD’01, VLDB’03)
  • Pattern-growth-based Clustering
    • MaPle (Pei, et al., ICDM’03)
  • Pattern-Growth-Based Classification
    • Mining frequent and discriminative patterns (Cheng, et al, ICDE’07)

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