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ECLAT: Mining by Exploring Vertical Data Format

  • Vertical format: t(AB) = {T11, T25, …}
    • tid-list: list of trans.-ids containing an itemset
  • Deriving frequent patterns based on vertical intersections
    • t(X) = t(Y): X and Y always happen together
    • t(X) ⊂ t(Y): transaction having X always has Y
  • Using diffset to accelerate mining
    • Only keep track of differences of tids
    • t(X) = {T1, T2, T3}, t(XY) = {T1, T3}
    • Diffset (XY, X) = {T2}
  • Eclat (Zaki et al. @KDD’97)
  • Mining Closed patterns using vertical format: CHARM (Zaki & Hsiao@SDM’02)

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