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Mining Multi-Dimensional Association

  • Single-dimensional rules:
      • buys(X, “milk”) ⇒ buys(X, “bread”)
  • Multi-dimensional rules: ≥ 2 dimensions or predicates
    • Inter-dimension assoc. rules (no repeated predicates)
      • age(X,”19-25”) ∧ occupation(X,“student”) ⇒ buys(X, “coke”)
    • hybrid-dimension assoc. rules (repeated predicates)
      • age(X,”19-25”) ∧ buys(X, “popcorn”) ⇒ buys(X, “coke”)
  • Categorical Attributes: finite number of possible values, no ordering among values—data cube approach
  • Quantitative Attributes: Numeric, implicit ordering among values—discretization, clustering, and gradient approaches

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