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Quantitative Association Rules Based on Statistical Inference Theory [Aumann and Lindell@DMKD’03]

  • Finding extraordinary and therefore interesting phenomena, e.g.,
      • (Sex = female) => Wage: mean=$7/hr (overall mean = $9)
    • LHS: a subset of the population
    • RHS: an extraordinary behavior of this subset
  • The rule is accepted only if a statistical test (e.g., Z-test) confirms the inference with high confidence
  • Subrule: highlights the extraordinary behavior of a subset of the pop. of the super rule
    • E.g., (Sex = female) ^ (South = yes) => mean wage = $6.3/hr
  • Two forms of rules
    • Categorical => quantitative rules, or Quantitative => quantitative rules
    • E.g., Education in [14-18] (yrs) => mean wage = $11.64/hr
  • Open problem: Efficient methods for LHS containing two or more quantitative attributes

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