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Meta-Rule Guided Mining

  • Meta-rule can be in the rule form with partially instantiated predicates and constants
      • P1(X, Y) ^ P2(X, W) => buys(X, “iPad”)
  • The resulting rule derived can be
          • age(X, “15-25”) ^ profession(X, “student”) => buys(X, “iPad”)
  • In general, it can be in the form of
          • P1 ^ P2 ^ … ^ Pl => Q1 ^ Q2 ^ … ^ Qr
  • Method to find meta-rules
    • Find frequent (l+r) predicates (based on min-support threshold)
    • Push constants deeply when possible into the mining process (see the remaining discussions on constraint-push techniques)
    • Use confidence, correlation, and other measures when possible

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