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Mining Colossal Frequent Patterns

  • F. Zhu, X. Yan, J. Han, P. S. Yu, and H. Cheng, “Mining Colossal Frequent Patterns by Core Pattern Fusion”, ICDE'07.
  • We have many algorithms, but can we mine large (i.e., colossal) patterns? ― such as just size around 50 to 100? Unfortunately, not!
  • Why not? ― the curse of “downward closure” of frequent patterns
    • The “downward closure” property
      • Any sub-pattern of a frequent pattern is frequent.
    • Example. If (a1, a2, …, a100) is frequent, then a1, a2, …, a100, (a1, a2), (a1, a3), …, (a1, a100), (a1, a2, a3), … are all frequent! There are about 2100 such frequent itemsets!
    • No matter using breadth-first search (e.g., Apriori) or depth-first search (FPgrowth), we have to examine so many patterns
  • Thus the downward closure property leads to explosion!

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