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Mining Colossal Patterns: Motivation and Philosophy

  • Motivation: Many real-world tasks need mining colossal patterns
    • Micro-array analysis in bioinformatics (when support is low)
    • Biological sequence patterns
    • Biological/sociological/information graph pattern mining
  • No hope for completeness
    • If the mining of mid-sized patterns is explosive in size, there is no hope to find colossal patterns efficiently by insisting “complete set” mining philosophy
  • Jumping out of the swamp of the mid-sized results
    • What we may develop is a philosophy that may jump out of the swamp of mid-sized results that are explosive in size and jump to reach colossal patterns
  • Striving for mining almost complete colossal patterns
    • The key is to develop a mechanism that may quickly reach colossal patterns and discover most of them

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