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Types of Bi-clusters

  • Let A = {a1, ..., an} be a set of genes, B = {b1, …, bn} a set of conditions
  • A bi-cluster: A submatrix where genes and conditions follow some consistent patterns
  • 4 types of bi-clusters (ideal cases)
    • Bi-clusters with constant values:
      • for any i in I and j in J, eij = c
    • Bi-clusters with constant values on rows:

      • eij = c + αi
      • Also, it can be constant values on columns

    • Bi-clusters with coherent values (aka. pattern-based clusters)
      • eij = c + αi + βj
    • Bi-clusters with coherent evolutions on rows

      • (ei1j1− ei1j2)(ei2j1− ei2j2) ≥
      • i.e., only interested in the up- or down- regulated changes across genes or conditions without constraining on the exact values

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