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Spectral Clustering: The Ng-Jordan-Weiss (NJW) Algorithm

  • Given a set of objects o1, …, on, and the distance between each pair of objects, dist(oi, oj), find the desired number k of clusters
  • Calculate an affinity matrix W, where σ is a scaling parameter that controls how fast the affinity Wij decreases as dist(oi, oj) increases. In NJW, set Wij = 0


  • Derive a matrix A = f(W). NJW defines a matrix D to be a diagonal matrix s.t. Dii is the sum of the i-th row of W, i.e.,


      • Then, A is set to


  • A spectral clustering method finds the k leading eigenvectors of A
    • A vector v is an eigenvector of matrix A if Av = λv, where λ is the corresponding eigen-value
  • Using the k leading eigenvectors, project the original data into the new space defined by the k leading eigenvectors, and run a clustering algorithm, such as k-means, to find k clusters
  • Assign the original data points to clusters according to how the transformed points are assigned in the clusters obtained

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