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Types of Outliers

  • Three kinds: global, contextual and collective outliers
  • Global outlier (or point anomaly)
    • Object is Og if it significantly deviates from the rest of the data set
    • Ex. Intrusion detection in computer networks
    • Issue: Find an appropriate measurement of deviation

  • Contextual outlier (or conditional outlier)
    • Object is Oc if it deviates significantly based on a selected context
    • Ex. 80o F in Urbana: outlier? (depending on summer or winter?)
    • Attributes of data objects should be divided into two groups
      • Contextual attributes: defines the context, e.g., time & location
      • Behavioral attributes: characteristics of the object, used in outlier evaluation, e.g., temperature
    • Can be viewed as a generalization of local outliers—whose density significantly deviates from its local area
    • Issue: How to define or formulate meaningful context?

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