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Iceberg Cube, Closed Cube & Cube Shell

  • Is iceberg cube good enough?
    • 2 base cells: {(a1, a2, a3 . . . , a100):10, (a1, a2, b3, . . . , b100):10}
    • How many cells will the iceberg cube have if having count(*) >= 10? Hint: A huge but tricky number!
  • Close cube:
    • Closed cell c: if there exists no cell d, s.t. d is a descendant of c, and d has the same measure value as c.
    • Closed cube: a cube consisting of only closed cells
    • What is the closed cube of the above base cuboid? Hint: only 3 cells
  • Cube Shell
    • Precompute only the cuboids involving a small # of dimensions, e.g., 3
    • More dimension combinations will need to be computed on the fly
  • For (A1, A2, … A10), how many combinations to compute?

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