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Roadmap for Efficient Computation

  • General cube computation heuristics (Agarwal et al.’96)
  • Computing full/iceberg cubes: 3 methodologies
    • Bottom-Up: Multi-Way array aggregation (Zhao, Deshpande & Naughton, SIGMOD’97)
    • Top-down:
      • BUC (Beyer & Ramarkrishnan, SIGMOD’99)
      • H-cubing technique (Han, Pei, Dong & Wang: SIGMOD’01)
    • Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up:
      • Star-cubing algorithm (Xin, Han, Li & Wah: VLDB’03)
  • High-dimensional OLAP: A Minimal Cubing Approach (Li, et al. VLDB’04)
  • Computing alternative kinds of cubes:
    • Partial cube, closed cube, approximate cube, etc.

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