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Scalable Decision Tree Induction Methods

  • SLIQ (EDBT’96 — Mehta et al.)
    • Builds an index for each attribute and only class list and the current attribute list reside in memory
  • SPRINT (VLDB’96 — J. Shafer et al.)
    • Constructs an attribute list data structure
  • PUBLIC (VLDB’98 — Rastogi & Shim)
    • Integrates tree splitting and tree pruning: stop growing the tree earlier
  • RainForest (VLDB’98 — Gehrke, Ramakrishnan & Ganti)
    • Builds an AVC-list (attribute, value, class label)
  • BOAT (PODS’99 — Gehrke, Ganti, Ramakrishnan & Loh)
    • Uses bootstrapping to create several small samples

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