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OPTICS: Some Extension from DBSCAN

  • Index-based: k = # of dimensions, N: # of points
    • Complexity: O(N*logN)
  • Core Distance of an object p: the smallest value ε such that the ε-neighborhood of p has at least MinPts objects
    • Let Nε(p): ε-neighborhood of p, ε is a distance value
      Core-distanceε, MinPts(p) = Undefined if card(Nε(p)) < MinPts
               MinPts-distance(p), otherwise
  • Reachability Distance of object p from core object q is the min radius value that makes p density-reachable from q
      • Reachability-distanceε, MinPts(p, q) =
               Undefined if q is not a core object
               max(core-distance(q), distance (q, p)), otherwise

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