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  • S. E. Robertson and K. Spärck Jones. 1976. Relevance Weighting of Search Terms. Journal of the American Society for Information Sciences 27(3): 129–146.

  • C. J. van Rijsbergen. 1979. Information Retrieval. 2nd ed. London: Butterworths, chapter 6. [Most details of math]

  • N. Fuhr. 1992. Probabilistic Models in Information Retrieval. The Computer Journal, 35(3),243–255. [Easiest read, with BNs]

  • F. Crestani, M. Lalmas, C. J. van Rijsbergen, and I. Campbell. 1998. Is This Document Relevant? ... Probably: A Survey of Probabilistic Models in Information Retrieval. ACM Computing Surveys 30(4): 528–552.


  • [Adds very little material that isn’t in van Rijsbergen or Fuhr ]

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