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ปฏิเสธแบบปกติ - ตัวอย่าง


\[\neg (\neg (A \sqcup \neg B) \sqcap \neg C))\]


\[ \begin{aligned} &NNF(\neg (\neg (A \sqcup \neg B) \sqcap \neg C))\\ &= NNF(\neg \neg (A \sqcup \neg B)) \sqcup NNF(\neg \neg C)\\ &= NNF(A \sqcup \neg B) \sqcup NNF(C)\\ &= NNF(A \sqcup \neg B) \sqcup C\\ &= NNF(A) \sqcup NNF(\neg B) \sqcup C\\ &= A \sqcup \neg B \sqcup C\\ \end{aligned} \]

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