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SlideWiki aims to exploit the wisdom, creativity and productivity of the crowd for the creation of rich, deep-semantically structured E-Learning content . Users can create and collaborate on educational slides, diagrams, assessments and arrange slides in presentations. Presentations can be organized hierarchically, so as to structure them reasonably according to their content.

SlideWiki empowers communities of instructors, teachers, lecturers, academics to create, share and re-use sophisticated educational content in a truly collaborative way. In addition to importing PowerPoint presentations, it supports authoring of interactive online slides using HTML and LaTeX. Slides and their containers (called decks), are versioned, thereby enabling change tracking. Users can create their own themes on top of existing themes or re-use other's themes.

* Video tutorials about the different features of SlideWiki are available here .

SlideWiki is developed and maintained by AKSW research group at University of Leipzig .


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