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How is SlideWiki different?

There are a number of online tools for presentations, such as Google Docs Presentations, Prezi, SlideShare. SlideWiki differs quite a lot from these due to its focus on:

  • E-learning - you can add questions to slides and thus compose comprehensive self-assessment tests for learners
  • Collaboration - SlideWiki aims at empowering whole communities to create presentations collaboratively
  • Translation - with SlideWiki content can be easily translated in more than 50 languages

No other tool provides this twist and thus SlideWiki offers a unique feature set.

Other than most OpenCourseWare projects SlideWiki promotes truly OPEN CourseWare

  • the vast majority of OpenCourseWare initiatives publishes their content only under restrictive CC-BY-NC (no commercial reuse allowed) or CC-NC-ND (no commercial reuse and no derivations)
  • CC-BY-NC and CC-NC-ND are no open licenses according to the open definition

We are proud that because of its unique features, in 2014 SlideWiki won the creative innovation project award for OpenCourseWare excellence, which is an annual award of OpenCourseWare Consortium)

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