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Forall ?x  ?n  ?z (
  [p:buys−>?x] :− And(
    ?x  rdf:type  p:Novel
    ?x[p:page_number−>?n p:price−>_abc]
    _abc[p:currency −>:Euro rdf:value−>?z ]
    External(pred:numeric−greater−than(?n "500"^^xsd:integer))
    External(pred:numeric−less−than(?z "20.0"^^xsd:double))
in Kombination mit:
<http://.../isbn/...>  a              p:Novel ;
                       p:page_number  "600"^^xsd:integer ;
                       p: price      [
                           rdf:value   "15.0"^^xsd:double ;
                           p:currency  :Euro
                       ] .
führt zu:
<me>  p:buys  <http://...isbn/...> .

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