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Semantic Web (contd')

  • “An extension of the current Web in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling computers and people to work in cooperation.”

    Tim Berners-Lee et al., Scientific American, 2001:
  • “…allowing the Web to reach its full potential…” with far-reaching consequences
  • “The next generation of the Web”
  • The next generation of the WWW 
  • Information has machine-processable and machine-understandable semantics 
  • Not a separate Web but an augmentation of the current one
  • Ontologies as basic building block
  • Web Data Annotation
    • connecting (syntactic) Web objects, like text chunks, images, … to their semantic notion (e.g., this image is about Innsbruck, Dieter Fensel is a professor)
  • Data Linking on the Web (Web of Data)
    • global networking of knowledge through URI, RDF, and SPARQL (e.g., connecting my calendar with my rss feeds, my pictures, ...)
  • Data Integration over the Web
    • Seamless integration of data based on different conceptual models (e.g., integrating data coming from my two favorite book sellers)

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