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  • Are WSDL/SOAP web services really web services? - No!
  • Web services require tight coupling of the applications they integrate. 
    • Applications communicate via message exchange requiring strong coupling in terms of reference and time. 
  • The Web is strongly based on the opposite principles. Information is published in a persistent and widely accessible manner. 
    • Any other application can access this information at any point in time without having to request the publishing process to directly refer to it as a receiver of its information. 
  • Web services can use the Web as a transport media, however that is all they have in common with the Web.
  • Distributed systems dominated by messaging
    • Web services / SOAP
    • CORBA / RPC / RMI / MOM
    • Agents
  • Web architecture different
    • Persistent publication as the main principle
    • Uniform interface
    • Uniform addressing
  • Web clearly scales to a large size

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