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Definition (contd')

Software Architecture

  • Web Services connect computers and devices with each other using the Internet to exchange data and combine data in new ways.
  • The key to Web Services is on-the-fly software creation through the use of loosely coupled, reusable software components.
  • Software can be delivered and paid for as fluid of services as opposed to packaged products.

Web Services as a new concept for ework and ecommerce

  • Business services can be completely decentralized and distributed over the Internet and accessed by a wide variety of communication devices.
  • The internet will become a global common platform where organizations and individuals communicate among each other to carry out various commercial activities and to provide value-added services.
  • The dynamic enterprise and dynamic value chains become achievable and may be even mandatory for competitive advantage.

Web Services as a programming technology

  • Web Services are Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) over HTTP

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