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Wikis: Design Principles

  • Open
    • Should a page be found to be incomplete or poorly organized, any reader can edit it as they see fit. 
  • Incremental
    • Pages can cite other pages, including pages that have not been written yet. 
  • Organic
    • The structure and text content of the site are open to editing and evolution. 
  • Mundane
    • A small number of (irregular) text conventions will provide access to the most useful page markup. 
  • Universal
    • The mechanisms of editing and organizing are the same as those of writing so that any writer is automatically an editor and organizer. 
  • Overt
    • The formatted (and printed) output will suggest the input required to reproduce it. 
  • Unified
    • Page names will be drawn from a flat space so that no additional context is required to interpret them. 
  • Precise
    • Pages will be titled with sufficient precision to avoid most name clashes, typically by forming noun phrases.

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