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Web Evolution - summary

Web 1.0

Web 2.0

Semantic Web

Personal Websites


Semantic Blogs: semiBlog, Haystack, Semblog, Structured Blogging

Content Management Systems, Britannica Online

Wikis, Wikipedia

Semantic Wikis: Semantic MediaWiki, SemperWiki, Platypus, dbpedia, Rhizome

Altavista, Google

Google Personalised, DumbFind, Hakia

Semantic Search: SWSE, Swoogle, Intellidimension

CiteSeer, Project Gutenberg

Google Scholar, Book Search

Semantic Digital Libraries: JeromeDL, BRICKS, Longwell

Message Boards

Community Portals

Semantic Forums and Community Portals: SIOC, OpenLink DataSpaces

Buddy Lists, Address Books

Online Social Networks

Semantic Social Networks: FOAF, PeopleAggregator

Semantic Social Information Spaces: Nepomuk, Gnowsis

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