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Web Evolution - summary (cont')

  • Traditional Web (Web1.0)
    • Normal User: browsing
    • Communication style: one-direction communication (e.g. reading a book)
    • Data: web data (string and syntactic format)
    • Data contributor: webmaster or experienced user
    • How to add data: compose HTML pages
  • Social Web (Web2.0) 
    • Normal User: browsing + publishing and organizing web data
    • Communication style: human-human (sharing) 
    • Data: web data + tags
    • Data contributor: normal user – revolution!
    • How to add data: tagging
  • Semantic Web 
    • Normal User: interacting (human-machine)
    • Communication style: humanmachine
    • Data: web data + tags + metadata (in SW Language)
    • Data contributor: normal user, machine
    • How to add data: machine generate or user publish

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