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What is a service?

Main Entry: ser·vice

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French servise, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, body of slaves, from servus slave

1 a: the occupation or function of serving service> b: employment as a servant service>

2 a: the work performed by one that serves service> b: help , use , benefit service> c: contribution to the welfare of others d: disposal for use service>

3 a: a form followed in worship or in a religious ceremony service> b: a meeting for worship —often used in plural services>

4: the act of serving: as a: a helpful act service> b: useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity —usually used in plural services> c: serve

5: a set of articles for a particular use service>

6 a: an administrative division (as of a government or business) service> b: one of a nation's military forces (as the army or navy)

7 a: a facility supplying some public demand service> service> b: a facility providing maintenance and repair service>

8: the materials (as spun yarn, small lines, or canvas) used for serving a rope

9: the act of bringing a legal writ, process, or summons to notice as prescribed by law

10: the act of a male animal copulating with a female animal

11: a branch of a hospital medical staff devoted to a particular specialty service>

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