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Service vs. Web Service

  • Service
    • A provision of value in some domain (not necessarily monetary, independent of how service provider and requestor interact)
    • Example: Let’s consider a user who wants to book a train ticket from Innsbruck to Munich on a given date. The service he is looking for, is the provision of a train ticket with the specified constraints. Such provision is independent on how the supplier and the provider interact, i.e., it does not matter whether the requester goes to a train tickets office or uses the train Web site to book his trip.
  • Web Service
    • Computational entity accessible over the Internet (using Web Service Standards & Protocols), provides access to (concrete) services for the clients.
    • Example of a Web Service: a railway company might provide a software component accessible via Web service standards, i.e., a Web service to request the booking of a trip. Thus, the Web service is an electronic means by which a client is able to request a specific service from a provider, but not the service itself.

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