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Web Service related tasks

  • Discovery: Find services that matches to the service requester specification” .
  • Selection and Ranking: “Choose the most appropriate services among the available ones”
  • Composition: “Assembly of services based in order to achieve a given goal and provide a higher order of functionality”.
  • Mediation: “Solve mismatches among domain knowledge used to describe the services, protocols used in the communication, data exchanged in the interaction (types used, and meaning of the information) and business models of the different parties”.
  • Execution: “Invocation of a concrete set of services, arranged in a particular way following programmatic conventions that realizes a given task”.
  • Monitoring: “Supervision of the correct execution of services and dealing with exceptions thrown by composed services or the composition workflow itself”.
  • Handover: “Replacement of services by equivalent ones, which solely or in combination can realize the same functionality as the replaced one, in case of failure while execution”.

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