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WSDL Component Structure

  • The main component of WSDL is, of course, the Web service. A single WSDL file can describe multiple services.
  • A Web service can have a number of endpoints- network addresses where the service is accessible.
  • A service implements a single interface. In WSDL 1.1, the previous, unstandardized version, this was not enforced. An interface is an abstract view on what the operation does. A single WSDL file can describe multiple interfaces.
  • Interfaces contain descriptions of operations and faults. In WSDL 2.0, interfaces can one another, which basically includes all the operations and faults of the extended interface in the extending interface.
  • Since an interface is abstract, WSDL adds a binding component to specify how the interface is actually accessed over a network. Each endpoint of a service can have a different binding.
  • The structure of a binding follows the structure of an interface; the binding can even specify networking details for each operation or fault. 

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