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RESTful Web Service definition

  • Another way of realizing services, other then SOAP/WSDL/UDDI approach
    • Closely follows the Web principles (REST principles)
  • A RESTful Web service...
    • ... exposes its data and functionality through interlinked Web resources indentified by URI and meant to be consumed by an autonomous program (i.e., machine).
    • ... is more data-centric, and less functionality-centric (as opposed to SOAP services).
    • ... embeds functionality of the service in the uniform HTTP interfaces for interaction: GET, PUT, DELETE, POST.
    • ... uses HTTP as the application protocol instead of SOAP
  • Like a Web application, but for machines.
  • Like WS-*, but focused on Web resources (i.e., data).
    WS-* stands for a variety of specifications related to SOAP-based Web Services.

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