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WSMO Ontologies – Instances

  • Instances are either defined explicitly or by a link to an instance store, i.e., an external storage of instances and their values
  • An explicit definition of instances of concepts is as follows:

    Class instance sub-Class wsmoElement
    hasType type concept

    hasAttributeValues type attributeValue

    Class attributeValue sub-Class wsmoElement
    hasAttribute type attribute multiplicity = single-valued
    hasValue type {instance, literal, anonymousId}

  • Example: Mary is parent of the twins Paul and Susan

  • Instances of relations (with arity n) can be seen as n-tuples of instances of the concepts which are specified as the parameters of the relation 

    Class relationInstance sub-Class wsmoElement 
    hasType type relation
    hasParameterValue type parameterValue

    Class parameterValue sub-Class wsmoElement
    hasParameter type parameter multiplicity = single-valued
    hasValue type {instance, literal, anonymousId} multiplicity = single-valued
  • Example: The distance between Innsbruck and Munich is 234 kilometers

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