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WSMO – Web Service Non-Functional Properties

  • Non-functional properties:
    • Accuracy - the error rate generated by the service
    • Financial - the cost-related and charging-related properties of a service 
    • Network-related QoS - QoS mechanisms operating in the transport network which are independent of the service
    • Performance - how fast a service request can be completed
    • Reliability - the ability of a service to perform its functions (to maintain its service quality)
    • Robustness - the ability of the service to function correctly in the presence of incomplete or invalid inputs. 
    • Scalability - the ability of the service to process more requests in a certain time interval
    • Security - the ability of a service to provide authentication, authorization, confidentiality, traceability/auditability, data encryption, and non-repudiation 
    • Transactional - transactional properties of the service
    • Trust - the trust worthiness of the service
  • Example: If the client is older than 60 or younger than 10 years old the invocation price is lower than 10 euro

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