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WSMO Mediators

  • Mediation
    • Data Level - mediate heterogeneous Data Sources 
    • Protocol Level - mediate heterogeneous Communication Patterns 
    • Process Level - mediate heterogeneous Business Processes
  • Four different types of mediators in WSMO
    • ggMediators: mediators that link two goals. This link represents the refinement of the source goal into the target goal or state equivalence if both goals are substitutable
    • ooMediators: mediators that import ontologies and resolve possible representation mismatches between ontologies
    • wgMediators: mediators that link Web services to goals, meaning that the Web service (totally or partially) fulfills the goal to which it is linked. wgMediators may explicitly state the difference between the two entities and map different vocabularies (through the use of ooMediators)
    • wwMediators: mediators linking two Web services
  • Examples
    • The ooMediator identified by translates the owl description of the iso ontology to wsml and adds the necessary statements to make them memberOf> loc:country concept of the wsmo location ontology
    • The ggMediator identified by links the general goal of getting a citizenship with the concrete goal of registering George

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