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SWS Scenario – Shipment Discovery (1)

Aim: automatically find shipment services

  • The scenario is about how to identify possibly relevant services.
  • With an invocation of one of the Web Services you can order a shipment by specifying, senders address, receivers address, package information and a collection interval during which the shipper will come to your premises to collect the package. 
  • The request contains the interval in which the shipper shall come to the requesters premises to pick up the package. 
  • A shipper either responses with the estimated pickup (respecting the given time constraints) or with a fault message indicating that a pick up is not possible in the requested time interval. 
  • If no constraints on the business hours (earliest and latest pick up time) are given one can assume 8am to 8pm. If a shipper specifies a constraint on how long in advance a shipment can be ordered, this means that the requested collection interval must end before this date. If no constraints on the length of the interval is given one can assume that a shipper requires at least an interval of 60 Minutes. 

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