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SWS Scenario – Shipment Discovery (2)

  • All dates and times in the advertised services are assumed to be local to the shippers' office. 
  • For simplicity we only regard Sundays as non-business days. 
  • All prices are assumed to be in US dollars unless otherwise stated. 
  • If your package has a large size-to-weight ratio, you may need to consider your package's dimensional weight. The weight that is used to determine the price of a package, respectively that is considered with respect to the maximum weight restriction of a shipper is the maximum value of its actual and its dimensional weight. The dimensional weight is calculated as follows: Dimensional Weight = (L*W*H)/166 [where L = length, W= width, and H=height] L*W*H yields an amount in cubic inches and is rounded up to the nearest pound. 
  • We use the definition of continents and countries given by the United Nations
  • Each shipper has a guaranteed delivery time. The delivery time is specified in days. The first day of delivery is the day after the package has been picked up. The times are always local.

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