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Examples of ontology elements for the shipment discovery scenario

  • Ontology ShipmentOntology has annotations, dc#title (has value "Shipment Domain Ontology“), dc#contributor (has value "Maciej Zaremba, Matt Moran“, dc#date (has value 2006.10.23), 
  • Ontology ShipmentOntology has concepts:
    • OrderRequest has annotation dc#description whose value is "Information provided for a pickup request“ and has a set of attributes: from (of type ContactInfo), to (of type ContactInfo), type (of type ShipmentType), package (of type Package)
    • Package has annotation dc#description whose value is "concept of a package“ and a set of attributes: quantity (of type integer), length (of type decimal), width (of type decimal), height (of type decimal), weight (of type decimal)
    • Country has annotation dc#description whose value is "concept of a country“ and attributes name (of type string), continent (of type Continent)

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