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Examples of Shipping Services (cont’)

  • Walker 
    Rates(flat fee/each lb): Europe(41/5.5), Asia(65/10), North America(34.5/3), South America (59/12.3), Africa (85.03/13), Rates for Oceania like Asia 
    Only packages weighing 50 lbs or less are shipped 
    Exact list of countries included in WSDL file 
    Constraints on Collection: 
    • Shipment can be ordered maximum 2 business days in advance (the end of the pickup interval must be at most two business days in advance at the time of ordering). 
    • pickup time must be between 6 am and 11.00pm. 
    • There must be at least an interval of 30 minutes for collection. 
    Delivery Time 
    • Ships in 2 business days if collected by 5pm 
  • Weasel 
    Rates(flat fee/each lb): United States(10/1.5) 
    Delivery only in United States 
    Constraints on Collection 
    • the pick up interval must be at least 5 hours 
    • the max. pick up interval is 4 days 
    • collection can be ordered until 8pm 
    Delivery Time 
    • 1 day if collected before 2pm

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