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Examples of goals

  • Goal C3
    to Smithers (Bristol) 
    no of packages: 1 
    package dimensions: (l/w/h) 10/2/3 (inch) 
    package weight: 20 lbs 
    for less than 120$   

Result of Discovery Process

  • Muller (includes a request For quote) 
    NOT: Racer (price is 176$) 
    NOT: Runner (price is 176$) 
    NOT: Walker (price is 151$)
    NOT: Weasel (ships not to UK
  • Goal D1
    to Szyslak (Tunis) 
    no of packages: 2 
    package dimensions: (l/w/h) 5/3/2 (inch) 
    package weight: 60 lbs (each)

  • Runner 2 invocations, since schema does not allow to order multiple packages in one invocation) 
    NOT: Racer (does not ship to Tunesia) 
    NOT: Muller(does only ship 50lbs) 
    NOT: Walker (does only ship 50lbs) 
    NOT: Weasel (does not ship to Tunesia)
  • Goal E1
    to Gumble (New York) 
    package dimensions: (l/w/h) 10/2/3 (inch) 
    package weight: 5 lbs 
    for less then 20$ 
    Current Time is 7:30 am 
    Next day delivery

  • Weasel NOT: Muller (2 days) 
    NOT: Racer (2 days) 
    NOT: Runner (3 days) 
    NOT: Walker (2 days)
  • Goal G3 in WSMO:   
    The Goal C3 has a set of annotations: dc#title (has value "Goal C3“), dc#description (has value "Goal of shipping a package to Smithers (Bristol), no of packages: 1, package dimensions: (l/w/h) 10/2/3 (inch), package weight: 20 lbs, for less than 120USD“), dc#contributor (has value "Maciej Zaremba, Matt Moran, Tomas Vitvar, Thomas Haselwanter“)
    The Goal C3 imports the ShipmentOntology and the ShipmentOntologyProcess ontologies.
    The Goal C3 requested capability has the postcondition stating that the user wants to ship one package with dimensions 10/2/3 (l/w/h) and weight 20 lbs to a specific destination in Bristol. Additionally, in the postcondition is stated that price of the shipment must be less than 120USD.

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