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  • WSMO – a conceptual model for:
    • Ontologies
    • Web Services
    • Goals
    • Mediators
  • However, WSMO does not provide a concrete syntax and semantic
  • A unifying language (syntax and semantics) is needed for specifying WSMO Ontologies, Web Services, Goals, and Mediators
    • The Web Service Modeling Language (WSML)
  • Existing semantic Web languages are not expressive enough to capture all aspects of WSMO
    • RDFS: only a very limited ontology language, and no support for Web services, Goals, or Mediators
    • OWL: a language for modeling ontologies based on the Description Logic paradigm, however does not offer direct means to describe Web Services, Goals and Mediators
    • OWL-S: an OWL ontology for the modeling Web services, but is not expressive enough for capturing all aspects of Web service; new languages such as SWRL or KIF have been embedded in OWL-S, however such combinations are often ambiguous and complicated

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