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Key Features of WSML (cont’)

  • Semantics based on well known formalisms 

    • WSML captures well known logical formalisms such as Datalog and Description Logics in a unifying syntactical framework
      • WSML maintains the established computational properties of the original formalisms through proper syntactic layering
    • The variants allow the reuse of tools already developed for these formalisms
      • Efficient querying engines developed for Datalog 
      • Efficient subsumption reasoners developed in the area of Description Logics
      • Inter-operation between the above two paradigms is achieved through a common subset based on Description Logic Programs
  • WWW Language 
    • WSML adopts the IRI standard, the successor of URI, for the identification of resources, following the Web architecture
    • WSML adopts the namespace mechanism of XML and datatypes in WSML are compatible with datatypes in XML Schema and datatype functions and operators are based on the functions and operators of XQuery
    • WSML defines an XML syntax and an RDF syntax for exchange over the Web

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