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Namespaces and Identifiers

  • WSML adopts the namespace mechanism of RDF; a namespace can be seen as part of an IRI 
    • Namespaces can be used to syntactically distinguish elements of multiple WSML specifications and, more generally, resources on the Web
    • A namespace denotes a syntactical domain for naming resources
  • An identifier in WSML is either a data value , an IRI , an anonymous ID , or a variable
    • The sets of identifiers of the following items are disjoint: ontology, goal, Web service, ooMediator, ggMediator, wgMediator, wwMediator, capability, interface, choreography, orchestration, state signature, grounding identifier, variant identifier, datatype wrapper identifier, built-in predicate identifier
  • Namespaces were first introduced in XML for the purpose of qualifying names which originate from different XML documents. In XML, each qualified name consists of a tuple <namespace, localname>. RDF adopts the mechanism of namespaces from XML with the difference that qualified names are not treated as tuples, but rather as abbreviations for full URIs. 
  • WSML adopts the namespace mechanism of RDF. A namespace can be seen as part of an IRI. 

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