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Concepts with Attribute Definitions – Example

concept Human 


            dc#description hasValue "concept of a human being" 



hasName ofType foaf#name 

hasRelative symmetric impliesType Human

hasAncestor transitive impliesType Human

hasParent inverseOf(hasChild) subAttributeOf(hasAncestor) impliesType Human 

hasMother ofType FemaleHuman

hasMother impliesType Mother

hasChild subAttributeOf(hasRelative) impliesType Human

hasWeightInKG ofType (1) xsd#float

hasBirthdate ofType (1) xsd#date

dateOfDeath ofType (0 1) xsd#date

hasBirthplace ofType (1) loc#location

isMarriedTo symmetric impliesType (0 1) Human

hasCitizenship ofType oo#country 

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