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  • An interface describes how the functionality of the Web service can be achieved by providing a twofold view on the operational competence of the Web service: Choreography decomposes a capability in terms of interaction with the Web service; and Orchestration decomposes a capability in terms of functionality required from other Web services
  • Basic mechanism for representing choreographies:
    • A signature defines predicates and functions to be used in the description. Ground facts specify the underlying database states. 
      • Signatures are defined using ontologies
      • The ground facts that populate database states are instances of concepts and relations defined by the ontologies
      • State changes are described in terms of creation of new instances or changes to attribute values of objects.
    • State changes are described using transition rules, which specify how the states change by falsifying (deleting) some previously true facts and inserting (making true) some other facts

      if Condition then Rules
      forall Variables with Condition do Rules
      choose Variables with Condition do Rules

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