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transitionRules forall ?search with (?search[ byTitle hasValue ?title, byArtist hasValue ?artist, byMinPrice hasValue ?minPrice, byMaxPrice hasValue ?maxPrice, byMinRating hasValue ?minRating, byMaxRating hasValue ?maxRating ] memberOf shoptasks#SearchCatalog and ?artist memberOf media#Artist and exists?item( ?item memberOf mediaproduct#MediaProduct and( ?item[hasContributor hasValue ?artist] or ?item[hasTitle hasValue ?title] or (?item[hasPrice hasValue ?price] and ?price >= ?minPrice and ?price =< ?maxPrice) or ( ?item[hasRating hasValue ?rating] and ?rating >= ?minRating and ?rating =< ?maxRating ) ) ) ) do add(?item[ hasContributor hasValue ?artist, hasTitle hasValue ?title, hasPrice hasValue ?price, hasRating hasValue ?rating ] memberOf mediaproduct#MediaProduct ) add(?artist memberOf media#Artist) delete(?search memberOf shoptasks#SearchCatalog) endForall

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