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Non-functional Properties in WSML

  • Properties which strictly belong to a Web service, goal, capability, interface or mediator and which are not functional and behavioral
  • A WSML Web service, goal, capability, interface or mediator may specify multiple non-functional properties
  • Example:

    po#Price hasValue ?price 
    dc#description hasValue ”If the client is older than 60 or younger than 
    10 years old the invocation price is lower than 10 euro” 

    ?client[age hasValue ?age] memberOf hu#human and ?age[amount hasValue ?years, units hasValue hu#YearsDuration] 
    memberOf hu#age and (greaterEqual(?years, 60) or lessEqual(?years,10)) 
    implies ?price[hasAmount hasValue ?amount, hasCurrency hasValue cur#Euro] memberOf
    po#AbsoulePrice and lessEqual(?amount, 10).

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